Allianz Farewell Plus...More than just a funeral plan

Let's lighten the financial burden
Allianz Life shall pay 200% of the Sum Assured of the policy. No waiting period applies.
Allianz Life shall pay 100% of the current sum assured of the policy.
Allianz Life shall refund all premiums paid in respect of that insured life.
Other Benefits
For policyholder who started the policy at ages between 18 and 50, premium payment will cease upon attainment of age 60 or upon death, which ever happens first.
After 36 months of the policy running without any claims paid, the policyholder gets 10% of total premium contributed on the 3rd year as “No claims cash back”. 
If a policyholder consistently pays premiums, every 2 years, the policy holder will enjoy a benefit worth one (1) month premium
Optional Benefits
Terms & Conditions apply
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