Allianz Eduflex Plan

It’s never too early to planning for your child's future.

Every parent’s dream is to see their child educated to the highest level possible. Sometimes however, unforeseen events could cut short this dream. The Allianz Eduflex Plan is designed to keep this dream for your child’s future alive, even in your absence.

We will pay 100% of your current sum assured, plus total savings to your named beneficiary(ies).
200% of your current sum assured will be paid to your named beneficiary(ies).
You will receive 100% of your current sum assured.
You enjoy 6 months free of premium payment.
Your child will receive up to GHS 1,000 if  injured accidentally.
After every 24 months of no claims, you will receive a cash back benefit.
You will receive your accumulated fund value with interest.
You can withdraw up to 50% of your total contribution.
Terms & Conditions apply.

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