Allianz Group Plans

Group Life Plan
The Allianz Group Life Plan provides employment benefits to employees or their dependants in the event of the death, critical illness or disability of the employee. The benefits can be several multiples of the employee’s annual salary depending on the employer’s choice of plan.
Group Funeral Plan
The Allianz Group Funeral Plan has a standard cover for the main member and additional cover for spouses, children, parents and even parents-in-law.  By virtue of tradition and employment conditions, most employers are required to perform certain duties in the sad event of the loss of an employee. It is common to see most employers providing coffins, making a cash donation to the family, transporting employees to and from the funeral and providing refreshment for them. These costs can take a toll on the company’s finances. The Group Funeral Plan therefore insures this obligation and helps companies to plan their finances properly.
Credit Life Assurance

Allianz Credit Life Assurance is a policy with the key objective of providing additional cover and security to financial institutions that provide loans and other forms of credit facilities (such as personal loans, high purchase loans, finance leasing etc.) to individual consumers (Credit Life Plan) or to companies and  business owners (Keyman/SME Protection Plan). 

This policy reimburses the financial institution with the outstanding loan amount upon the occurrence of any of the insured events such as the death of the  individual consumer or the key member/decision maker of the business.

Scheme types

  • Credit Life Plan: For loan facilities for individual consumers such as personal loans etc
  • Keyman / SME Protection Plan: For loan facilities granted to companies and business owners
  • Mortgage Protection: For mortgage loan facilities to consumers

These schemes reimburse to the creditor, outstanding balances when events such as death, disability, critical illness or retrenchment befall the individual customer or the key member/ decision maker of the business.