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Fire & Allied Perils
This covers damage or loss to the insured property as a result of fire, impact, windstorm, flood, bursting of pipe, earthquake, lightning and explosion.
Assets All Risks
This covers you against loss or damage to the insured property caused by natural perils as well as theft and burglary followed by force or violence.
Public Liability

Protect you businesses and organisations against liability claims from third parties for

  • Death or bodily injury
  • Damage or loss of property
  • Legal cost

that occur on the client’s premises.

Group Personal Accident
Suitable for groups of people. This policy compensates our clients in the event of an accident that results in death, bodily injury or disability.
Workmen's Compensation
As an employer, you are legally liable to your employees for injuries or sustained occupational disease and or accidental deaths in the course of employment. Allianz’s workmen’s compensation covers your liability in these events and is compliant with the Workmen’s Compensation Law, 1987 (PNDCL 187).
Agric Insurance
No need to worry about droughts or floods. Take control now…insure your crops with Allianz.
AZ Multi- Peril Crop Insurance protects you against the adverse effects of floods, drought, fire and pest infestation. This policy is designed to give farmers peace of mind by insuring your crops against loss or damage .
Contractor's All Risks

This type of insurance is specifically designed to cover:

  • Contract works - damage to property in the course of construction, or undergoing renovation and repair
  • Legal liability to third parties for accidental injury, death and damage to property
  • Plant and equipment
Erection All Risks
Erection All Risks policy covers losses incurred as a result of damage to plant, machinery, steel structures and equipment in the course of erection or testing.
Goods-in-transit can constitute a considerable part of the value of your business. Our policies protect you against the financial impact of goods being damaged or lost while being transported from one location to another. The cover is not limited to Ghana, but offers protection in all of West Africa.
Marine Hull & Cargo
Marine insurance covers damage or loss of insured cargo.
Aviation insurance covers the risks associated with use of aircrafts. This includes any damage to the aircraft itself as well as the liabilities that may arise from passengers and other third parties for injury, death or damage to property.
Allianz Cyber Liability Insurance

Allianz Cyber Liability Insurance offers insurance for cyber liability, cyber business interruption, IT forensic costs and other cyber related covers to protect companies from malicious attacks, internal errors or unexpected technical failures.


Who is covered?

Companies holding large volumes of personal data (e.g. healthcare, retail) and/or companies relying on digitalized technology processes (e.g. manufacturing, telecommunications, transport, media and logistics) and/or companies exposed through business partners, contractors and supply chains.


What is covered?

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Third Party Liability First Party Loss Other Cost

Privacy and Confidentiality Breach liability (for client and corporate data loss)

Network security liability (for failing to secure your network)

Media liability (for digital publications)

Regulatory legal costs (for defense costs and fines and penalties)

Internal Investigation costs PCI (Payment Card Industry) fines

Business Interruption

Hacker Theft (for stolen funds)


Costs for data and programs

Crisis management  costs, including IT forensics, legal, and credit monitoring

Cost of notifying individuals

Reputational advice costs

Mitigation, betterment and emergency costs

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