Allianz Life Insurance launches new short code for customer transactions.

Allianz Life Insurance has launched a USSD short code to aid people to perform transactions with them on their mobile devices. This comes at a time when all sectors in the economy are moving towards digitization especially after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just by dialling *1890#, customers of Allianz Life Insurance can buy insurance, pay premiums, and make withdrawals in the comfort of their homes.

Speaking to the media after the launch of the code, the CEO of Allianz Life Insurance Company Ghana Limited, Gideon Ataraire, highlighted the need for citizens to be educated on the importance of insurance.

“Apart from launching the USSD code, We are also doing a lot of campaigns on education. Most people who need insurance do not even know that they need insurance, because they don’t understand the product. Insurance is very complex, so what we are doing at Allianz Life Insurance is to use radio, TV and open forums, having meeting with market leaders using their local radio stations. When we sell, we also add education to it. All of this is to help, so that people will know that, COVID-19 or not, people need insurance.” he added.