After four years of exhibiting outstanding leadership, top notch customer services and the introduction of innovative products, Allianz Life Ghana has added the “Allianz Annuity Plan” to its wide range of products.

This is an insurance package that the international brand describes as the game changer and life saver.

“Allianz Annuity Plan” was out doored at the four years anniversary celebration, held at the Allianz Life Ghana office at Volta Place in Accra on May 24, 2022.


The product is promising customers and Ghanaian workers of life-time income.

Speaking to Joy Business after the event, Chief Retail and Marketing officer, Jane Kitome, said the product was created to fill the gap identified on the market.

“We have identified a gap in the market which is the fact that when people go on pension and they collect their lump sum, some start businesses, others try to start their building and that is the time that people rather need money. So, we are saying that whilst you are working hard, come to Allianz for a finest product that will help you plan for retirement.


“When you do your planning, talk to Allianz life, so that we can manage this money and give you a life time of income. So for as long as you live, Allianz Life pays you monthly” she added


Allianz Life Ghana in a space of four years is currently rated 9th on the list of 21 insurance firms in the country after rising from the last position. This feat according to the Chief Executive Officer of Allianz life Ghana, Gideon Ataraire, was achieved by the brilliant people at the company’s disposal.


“We went into strategy few months after our launch in 2018 and then we started crafting out the strategy of where we want to be. We started learning from the industry in terms of distribution channels, products. We started crafting our KPI’s down to yearly, to quarterly, to monthly and to daily. The real thing is the people because you can have a nice strategy, but if you don’t have the people that will execute, you have failed.”


Mr. Ataraire further said Allianz Life will introduce bespoke products that will suit the needs of the consuming public and is optimistic his outfit will become a market leader in the life insurance industry in the not too distant future.