Allianz Life Pays Maturities with free eye screening

When we say that we find every possible reason to pay claims, we absolutely walk our talk. Allianz keeps their word.

Three years ago, we launched our direct Microinsurance business in May. The policies sold had a maturity term of three years and we have been demonstrating our commitment to claims payment since the first policy hit the three year term this year.

We started by calling our customers to inform them of their maturities and we went to them, where we started the activations rather than asking them to come to us.

We also blended it with CSR by partnering with Vision Spring to help our customers and the community check their vision. Those who had vision challenges were given free eye glasses after being thoroughly checked by the medical team.

This is our way of helping in the communities where we sell. We also gave our customers Allianz Branded gifts.

We used the opportunity to educate the community on the benefits of life insurance.