Allianz Ghana celebrated the month of May in a grand style. We used the opportunity to show our employees, customers, partners, and community how appreciative we are of them and their role in helping us reach this milestone.

The celebrations begun on Monday which we dubbed as stepping-in-the-shoes-of-your-customer dress day where, we represented the professions of our customers by dressing as people of different occupations.


On Tuesday, 24th May, the D-day, we organised a celebratory event and also launched our new Allianz Annuity Product. We had a live broadcast on radio of the colourful celebration and launch.

Then on the 25th  May which was AU day, we all dressed in beautiful African print fabrics and hosted a talk on nutrition. We spent Thursday with our customers as it was a Customer-Visitation-Day & Health-Screening.


We closed the week long celebrations on Friday by organizing a Rep your region competition for all Allianzers. We dressed in various traditional outfits representing the diverse cultures of Ghana. We also organized a product skit competition among the various branches.


In commemoration of Africa Month, we had activities on all Fridays in May projecting our African identity through food, games, dance and music.


See below for a recap of our week, with photos of our events.


Monday- Step in Your Customer’s Shoes

Tuesday – Anniversary Day

Wednesday – AU Day

Thursday - Customer Visitation & Health Screening

Friday – Rep Your Region Competition