Our Claims Promise

At Allianz, we match our professional expertise with excellence in our service delivery. We are committed to being your loyal partner: before, during and after a claim and strive to operate a “no surprise” culture.
All claims are dealt with in a fair, fast and effective manner. Our claims employees will treat you with empathy and integrity and are committed to delivering an outstanding claims experience.

We promise to...

We will respond quickly upon discovering your loss:

  • Acknowledge your claim notification and  provide contact details
  • Ensure that an expert contacts you to discuss the next steps
  • Give you certainty about your coverage as early as possible
  • Support you with fast claims payments

We will communicate with you proactively and:

  • Explain the claims process and how your policy will respond before outlining the next  steps and timeframes
  • Clearly explain what is covered
  • Request information in a timely and clear fashion and keep you up to date with claims development
The right expert will be dedicated to your claim and listen to your needs. They will work in close co-operation with qualified service providers.
We are flexible and solution-focused. Our approach is straight-forward and always mindful of your needs. We will work with you to come up with the best solution.